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Houston Energy Corridor District – Exciting Plans For Development

CC: image courtesy of USACE HQ on Flickr

The Energy Corridor District of Houston, Texas is one of the fastest growing and most exciting areas of the city. It’s attracted more development than any other neighborhood in Houston, and the projects there have helped to increase property values of older buildings while creating a number of new properties as well.

The district gets its name from the more than 300 energy and engineering companies with offices in the area, which provide jobs to more than 78,000 employees. Thanks to the boom in domestic oil caused by recent fracking exploration, more corporations are being drawn to the area all the time. Currently, offices built in the energy corridor enjoy a 99 percent occupancy rate.

Upcoming Projects in the Energy Corridor

One major project being built in the area is funded by Swedish firm Skanska. The 12-story building will take up 325,000 square feet. Already, 122,000 square feet of office space is reserved for a major tenant, Petroleum Geo-Services.

Plenty of other companies are expanding into the area. Shell is expanding its existing complex to add an additional parking garage and new recreational areas for employees; Trammel Crow Co. is building a new 20-story office building. The M.D. Anderson Cancer Center has also purchased 35 acres in the area.

Aside from the corporate office buildings sprouting up throughout the energy corridor, plenty of other tenants have moved into the area. A number of restaurants and stores have opened to support the needs of a growing residential population, and these residents are flowing in at a constant rate to keep up with the demands of the blossoming energy industry.

Why Live in the Energy Corridor

For people considering relocating, the energy corridor of Houston is a very attractive option. Houston has a strong economy, and property values and careers are both growing in response. The myriad energy-related industries provide ample jobs for qualified workers, and new businesses are arriving every day. There are also plenty of service jobs in the area to support these big businesses.

Houston’s Energy Corridor District has a lot to offer to new residents. Aside from its proximity to a thriving local economy, this neighborhood is also conveniently located on I-10 to make travel throughout the city quite simple. The district has also been carefully designed and built to include ample space for parks and recreational spaces. The end result is beautiful and spacious; the skyline is dotted with trees as much as skyscrapers.

People relocating to the Westchase Energy Corridor can enjoy a variety of residential neighborhoods as well as temporary corporate housing. These furnished apartments provide residents with everything they need to settle into life while pursuing a new career in Houston.


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