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Vacations in Texas for Snowbirds

iStock_000011423267XSmall-300x187If you can’t bear the thought of another frigid northern winter, join the snowbirds and start your migration to sunny Texas! Between the coastal region, the Hill Country and the desert areas, you can have your pick of natural environments if you’ve been craving a real change of pace. Still on the fence? Here are some more reasons you should spend your winter in Texas:

The Weather is Lovely for Vacationing in Texas
The winter weather in Texas is lovely! Although it’s nice all across the Lone Star State, it’s particularly pleasant in Houston, one of the state’s largest metropolitan areas. Located next to the Gulf of Mexico, the same global conditions that bring in the humidity during the summer months keep the temperatures mild during the winter. January, the coldest month of the year, has an average high of 68 degrees Fahrenheit with lows around 45 degrees. December and February are even warmer, and snow and ice are almost unheard of in this urban area.

Plenty to Do and See
If you like to stay active, there is plenty to see and do in Texas! Venture out into the Gulf on a charter boat for a deep-sea fishing excursion to catch a real trophy. Both urban and rural areas are filled with great places to eat whether you prefer an upscale, gourmet eatery or an authentic Texas BBQ joint. Avid shoppers can find great bargains in both mega-malls and outlet centers, and there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy museums, concerts and festivals. While we hope you never have a health crisis during your stay, Texas is home to some of the best hospitals in the country.

Great Temporary Housing Opportunities
When you spend your winters in Texas, don’t waste your time or money with a cramped, expensive hotel room. Instead, spread out, get comfortable and make your dollars go a little further with corporate housing. With a real home instead of temporary digs, you can really settle in and get to know the area. Most of your neighbors will be working or enjoying a warm winter just like you! This means you won’t have to put up with all the normal noises and disturbances that go on throughout the day and night in most hotels.

The Lone Star State has a long tradition of welcoming guests from colder climates with open arms during this time of year. Why not come on down to experience a little Southern hospitality? Visit  Chahomenow.com!


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